Hello LoL's TooLz users !

New Release !

Soon a new HomePage, but for the moment take the new LoL's TooLz 8.1 !!!

It's has been reworked to function with eggdrop 1.6.x (The old LoL's TooLz 6.2 work on every eggdrop since release 1.3). You can take LoL's TooLz 6.2 cliking on the link, the package contain documentation, install guide, and many more. The 7th release is only a TCL and a changelog. If you are new to eggdrop and scripting, take the 6.2 package and then replace lol.tcl of the 6.2 by lol.tcl 7.0.

History...old web site

I have remarked recently that popularity of my tcl script don't decrease at all (and even increase) during these years of inactivity (Watch the stats, stopped in october 2001). I was too surprised to see that my tools runs on a recent eggdrop (1.6.X) without particular problems.

The developpement was stoped in 1997 (or maybe 1998) with eggdrop 1.3.28 if I remember well. Since this moment I have completly stopped to chat and I have gone no more on IRC. For work I have recently must to install an IRC deamon and to set up a channel for a mixed IRC/Web chat. I have installed too and eggdrop to keep the chan and making this watch a little the evolution of eggdrop's scripts. I searched some full featured scripts to add to my bot. I was surprised (once again) that other scripts have not evolved a lot. Majority of their last release was in 1998 or 1999. So, I have decided to reuse my own.

During these years I have received some mails, I haven't answered at all. Sorry. But I have archieved them, and if I have time I fill fix the bugs reported (very few).

I have to received many proposal to translate my script (often in french), but I have never received the translation...

If you have reached this page using http://lolstoolz.pwh.ch, remove that from your bookmarks and bookmark my site at http://www.leonini.net.

If you want to e-mail me about LoL's TooLz, use lolstoolz (at) leonini.net